Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A smokers look back in time

Well I need to admit to what appears to be one of modern society’s most carnal sins. I am a smoker. It seems that in western nations we are the most actively discriminated minority there is.

On July 1st all Victoria smokers were told we are no longer welcome in Pubs and Clubs. Well a beer and a smoke has always gone hand in hand for me so it is horrible to be sent outside in the cold to smoke. This last weekend it was about 5C outside where hundreds of drunk smokers were crowed on the streets and balconies fulfilling their additions.

Being stuck outside made me want to remember the good times. On that note it is time to view some of the best smoking ads ever made.



"A winston tastes good like a smoke should"

"More doctors choose Camel"

"Thinking mans filter a smoking mans taste"

I have no idea what this one was about

"To a smoker its the taste of kent"


And just to present both sides of the story here is a non smoking ad