Sunday, May 13, 2007

Longhorn server NIS Authentication

Longhorn server NIS Authentication

Well as a follow up to my last piece, which got linked to by iqubed, I wanted to show that Microsoft had done some good work with their interoperability since previous versions of Windows Server. I had a good look at the NFS and NIS services which I believed would provide me with the features that I used in the past through the Active Directory Authentication and hopefully with out the hassle involved with them.

However just installing the NIS services was a pain and after a total of 6 reboots Longhorn informed me that there was something stoping the installation; however I did not let me know how I could fix this at all.

root@odin749:~# ypcat passwd




After beating my head against a wall for quite a while I was able to work everything out. NIS wasn’t installing because I didn’t have enough hard drive space left on the box and that was stopping everything from proceeding.

The biggest problem I found with the installation was that all users will need to change their passwords before they will work through NIS, since the first time it maps it only sends random values for the passwords.

With NIS I am able to solve the problems that No active directory gives me and use my Windows Passwords for various unix applications such as Apache, Squid and Dovecot.