Sunday, April 29, 2007

Odin’s view on File sharing

Odin’s view on File sharing

The argument about file sharing has been raised since napster was first on the scene in 1999 and really hasn’t changed much since. I think that file sharing has benefited the music industry more than any other invention ever yet the short-sightedness of groups like the RIAA and MPAA have failed to noticed the real benefit a medium for people to test there product instantly at no cost to the creators of the content.

I will be the first to admit that I have a large collection of music and videos downloaded from the internet almost 2.5k Mp3s and about 100GB of movies and television shows. The money hungry RIAA and MPAA can also rest assured that even with all that content available at my disposable I still purchase large amounts of DVDs and Audio CDs. Generally when I hear about something new that might be interesting I get straight onto emule to download the content. If I like it enough to purchase it I will, however if it really isn’t that good it will just go straight into the archive with the rest of my mp3s never to be listened to again.

I know I am not alone with this mentality, many of my friends operate the same way. The example that always give is that in 1999 when I was a very young 15 I heard on the grape vine about a band called Metallica and the fact that they had some good music. Well I fired up napster and downloaded 4 or 5 of Metallica’s songs and instantly fell in love. Well since that time I have acquired all the Metallica albums, all the live DVDs 5 of the tab booklets and been to 2 of there live shows. The large investment I made in there music just never would have happened if I wasn’t presented with their music on napster and given the choice to like it.

About half way through writing this article I noticed on the that they had released their new single Constant Motion for free download. Now here is a band that gets exactly what I was talking about you can let people make the choice about your music the ones who would have bought the album most likely still will.

NOTE: I know this is quite poorly written, I am tired and hung over but still felt the need to convey my thoughts on this matter. I will do some more research